Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mar baby Musings // Goodness

Im excited to share another Mar baby Musings with you guys! 
Before I left for Florida, Susana and I thought it would be great to do one more outing. 
College life is great, and is serving me very well. 
But one of the biggest things I've been missing is homemade food. 
Don't get me wrong the cafeteria food isn't terrible. It's just not mamma's cooking. 
Tucson, is known for having some really great eateries and today I want to share a place called "goodness". 
Not only was the food delicious, and the juice bar heavenly. 
The set up of the restaurant gave off the most quaint urban feeling. 
I can't wait to go back in December. 
Speaking of which, this is our last Mar baby Musings until December. 
(try to control your emotions).


Kimono//Brickyard Buffalo
Shoes//Brickyard Buffalo
Jeans//Old Navy
Earrings//Nickel and Suede 

Blouse // H&M
Shorts // Oldnavy
purse // Forever 21
Shoes // Payless