Why Modesty //

"A true fashionista uses clothing, not her body to make a statement" - Leah Darrow

Ever since I was little girl I've loved clothes. I mean… the endless possibilities, the people you can imagine to be. Shopping for stylish modest clothing is something im very passionate about.

Unfortunately modesty wasn’t always a priority…Ever since I was a tiny human I was influenced by people so easily. Sometimes as a little girl, I would see the clothes other girls were wearing and I wanted to wear the exact same outfit.  I would want those clothes in my closet that very moment, even if they weren’t very modest. My poor mother… I drove her crazy. I never realized why my mom and dad wouldn't let me wear those clothes. My mom would tell me that "They're immodest and trashy." and I was like "Ok, Mom yeah I get it but why?" And she always told me that as long as I live under her roof, I was going to dress classy and modestly. Ugh! I would get so upset! But guess what? My mother putting her foot down, and my Father backing her up, was one of the biggest blessings in my life. My parents brought me up to realize that I was to be treated with respect. They taught me that it was important to respect and carry myself as the beautiful woman of God that He created me to be.

I soon came to the realization that no matter what, I would never dress in a way that degraded who I was, or would lead my brothers in Christ into sin. As woman we have such power, we either can lead a man closer to Christ or we can lead them away. Women are always complaining that men never treat them with respect or like a lady. But it’s through our own fault. It all started when women started to dress in a way that disrespected everything that makes women so beautiful. I believe if we started dressing in a way that showcased our natural beauty and demanding the respect Christ intended for us to have, guys would start acting like MEN. Our brothers in Christ will be more likely to treat the woman in there life with love and dignity if we treat ourselves with dignity FIRST.

I know it’s hard to act like a lady in a society where woman are objected NOT loved or respected. I know I'm far from being perfect when it comes to dressing modest. I have fallen many times. I mean hey it’s nice to be noticed by guys. But then I feel sad when I think about how they must be viewing me. I know I'm only hurting and cheating myself out of the powerful woman that I could be. That's why I started this blog. So that girls can come and see how they’re not alone in this fight. That we can dress in the latest trends and fashions and still dress in a way that glorifies God and honors our dignity. Our bodies are a BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY created by God.  So I invite you to come join me on this journey and become the woman of God that He all created us to be!



  1. YES. AMEN. <3 (Leah Darrow is amazing. I had the opportunity to hear her give a talk on modesty once. It was beyond incredible.) I LOVE YOUR BLOG TOO. :)

  2. Hello! I would be curious to know what you mean by dressing in a way that "degraded who I was." What kind of degradation are you referring to specifically? Also, in terms of sexual immorality and modesty, what if there are other Christians who think that the way you dress is not modest enough? How would you respond to them? Thank you!