Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014 //

     Happy Easter, everyone! I hope you had a beautiful Easter Weekend with your family. My weekend was perfect but busy. Between juggling school, church, and photo shoots it was crazy, but the good type of crazy. What I wore for Easter is my new favorite outfit in my entire closet. Im so in love with my skirt it was love at first sight (ardent believer of that, btw). I got so many compliments on the outfit can't wait to wear it agin for graduation. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy the rest of 50 days of Easter. Eat tons of Chocolate for me. AMEN. ALLELUIA.

Skirt & Top // ASOS 
Shoes // Forever 21 (similar)
Purse // Forever 21

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Turn around //

You know how you can just have 3-4 rough days. And you just feel terrible? And you have a hard time looking past the negative.  Yeah, I had all those thoughts and emotions earlier this week. THANK GOODNESS for my parents. They have been my rock this week. And because of them things did start looking up and I'm quite content right now. Sometimes, we just need someone to help turn us around in situations and encourage us to see the good.  So when things get rough don't isolate yourself.  Turn to the people God has placed in your life.  Just know that they are there for a reason. Thank goodness, thank God, for that.

Cardigan // Down East Basics (old)
Shoes // Gianni Bini (similar
Belt // Target


Friday, April 4, 2014

Mar Baby Musings //

When I was little I always looked up to my older sister Susana. She may have been only seven years older then me, but man she was such a grown up to me. I wanted to do everything she did. And be just like her. Unfortunately since we were so much a like we got under each other skins a lot. And it made for getting a long very hard. I took really hard when she went a way to college and started dating. I thought she was leaving me forever. Fortunately for us over the past couple years our friendship as grown beautifully. Susana is now one of my best friends. And I'm going to miss her terribly when I leave for college next year. That's why I'm so happy to announce our two collaborations between out two blogs. 

We will be doing a series of posts called "Mar Baby Musings". What is a Mar Baby? Well... in our family we are basically divided into two categories. Some of the siblings take more after our mom and some of us take more after our dad. The Mar Babies take after our dad. A Mar Baby loves food and....um... and...that's pretty much our biggest trait haha. No but seriously Mar Babies all have pretty similar personality. Plus, we all have "Mar" somewhere. Susana middle name is Marie, I was born  was born in March and my name obviously my name being Marisa, Liliana (one of younger sisters) was born in March, and well, you get the idea. If you're totally lost it's fine. Just nod your head and smile.

So what will be in these posts? Susana and I will be exploring fun local finds. Susana will cover the places we find and I'll have the outfit details on my blog! Our first little find was Savaya coffee. They have a few locations here in Tucson but we stopped at the one at La Encantada. The service was friendly and the atmosphere was calming. There isn't a ton of space to sit inside but Susana and I enjoyed sitting on the patio. The coffee was rich and strong. I ordered an iced Moroccan Mint green tea that smelled amazing and tasted cool and refreshing. Susana ordered a refreshing iced coffee. What I really liked was that you can see them prepare your drink. The counter is low and the space is open so you get to see them craft your coffee or tea with great care. 

You should certainly add Savaya to your list of places to try here in Tucson.To see more of Savaya Coffee check out Susana's blog post on it.  Now on to our outfits: 

Susana's Outfit:
Top // Target
Skirt // Forever 21
Shoes // Target

My Outfit:
Top // Conversation pieces
Pants // H&M
Shoes // Franco Sarto 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Currently loving March edition //

^^ Senior Pictures yayyyyy! *photo credit Stephanie Newbold Photography

Here are my March favorites. March was a great month I turned 18, my brother came home for spring break. It was just fabulous. 
Current favorites for the month of March:
// Reading: Father Elijah (for the 2nd time) My favorite book of all time. 
// Watching: 30 Rock and Psych (my love for Shawn and Gus knows no boundaries). 
 // Listening: Us, Foster the people, MKTO 
// Eating: nothing exciting
// Wanting: Kindle fire
// Looking: Forward to the summer.
// Wishing: it's more like praying that everything works out.
// Enjoying: Time with family: Parents, siblings, and nephews. 
// Hoping: to do well on the last couple months of school
// Smelling: orange blossoms.
// Thinking: That being adult sucks.
// Wearing: shorts & t-shirt.
// Noticing: that my room is a mess.
// Knowing: That everything is going to be okay. 
// Felling: 50% producative 50% kinda lazy
// Giggling: over these videos. 
// Favorite Gif: Classic Liz Lemon
// Youtube: OhMissTina
// Favorite blog: feel + flourish
// Loving: That Easter is in 20 days!!!!!!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

St. Catherine of Siena inspired outfit //

Today, on the blog I will show you guys a St. Catherine Siena inspired outfit. 
St. Catherine is one amazing Saint let me tell you! When she was 16 she cut off her hair to show her mother that looks and beauty weren't everything. She was so holy, spunky, and intelligent. To find out more on the life of St. Catherine scroll down. 

 Story and the Life of St. Catherine:
The value Catherine makes central in her short life and which sounds clearly and consistently through her experience is complete surrender to Christ. What is most impressive about her is that she learns to view her surrender to her Lord as a goal to be reached through time.
She was the 23rd child of Jacopo and Lapa Benincasa and grew up as an intelligent, cheerful and intensely religious person. Catherine disappointed her mother by cutting off her hair as a protest against being overly encouraged to improve her appearance in order to attract a husband. Her father ordered her to be left in peace, and she was given a room of her own for prayer and meditation.
She entered the Dominican Third Order at 18 and spent the next three years in seclusion, prayer and austerity. Gradually a group of followers gathered around her—men and women, priests and religious. An active public apostolate grew out of her contemplative life. Her letters, mostly for spiritual instruction and encouragement of her followers, began to take more and more note of public affairs. Opposition and slander resulted from her mixing fearlessly with the world and speaking with the candor and authority of one completely committed to Christ. She was cleared of all charges at the Dominican General Chapter of 1374.
Her public influence reached great heights because of her evident holiness, her membership in the Dominican Third Order, and the deep impression she made on the pope. She worked tirelessly for the crusade against the Turks and for peace between Florence and the pope
In 1378, the Great Schism began, splitting the allegiance of Christendom between two, then three, popes and putting even saints on opposing sides. Catherine spent the last two years of her life in Rome, in prayer and pleading on behalf of the cause of Urban VI and the unity of the Church. She offered herself as a victim for the Church in its agony. She died surrounded by her "children" and was canonized in 1461. 
Catherine ranks high among the mystics and spiritual writers of the Church. In 1939, she and Francis of Assisi were declared co-patrons of Italy. Paul VI named her and Teresa of Avila doctors of the Church in 1970. Her spiritual testament is found in The Dialogue.

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Franco Satro
Purse: Forever 21
Cardigan: ??

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Beautiful Spring Time //

Ok…so I know it's not spring until tomorrow technically.
But where I live spring is in full bloom. 
The blossoms on the orange trees smell glorious.
The wildflowers are gorgeous.
And my allergies are in full bloom. 
Simply marvelous.
Here is what I wore for Church this past Sunday: 

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Down East basics
Shoes: Payless

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Fashion Trends //

   I don't know about you guys? But on my part of the earth, it feels like spring outside. 
It's absolutely gorgeous, outside. 
I also have a bad case of spring fever. And so does my closet and Pinterest feed. 
So here are some of my favorite things about 2014 Spring Fashion's!


via * Kendi Everyday