Thursday, July 30, 2015

(Florida) College wardrobe essentials. //

When I was preparing for college last year I would spend hours on youtube and Pinterest looking up stuff I need to pack or essentials. While 70% of everything I saw was extremely helpful a lot of it got crazy, hectic and confusing. 

You can pretty much find everything you need for your dorm room just fine. The hardest part for me was finding wardrobe essentials. I was not used to what the climate would be like in Florida so I had no idea what to pack or what to shop for. So this entire blog post is for you ladies in the southern states who're looking for some extra help. 

If you guys are attending school in the colder states and would like a wardrobe essentials please let me know. I have many friends who have college experience in the colder states and they can help me, help you guys. That way it's one less thing to stress about. Okay lets get started. 

Rain Boots:
If you live in Florida you need rain boots. I did not think they were a necessity whatsoever. As soon as I arrived on campus it rained like two or three times a day, and at completely random times?! (LOL serves me right for not listening). I quickly ordered rain boots ASAP. If you are going out of state for school packing rain boots will be hassle since they are so big and take up space. I recommend ordering some online or shipping your own to school it's just so much easier. 

     1/ Hunter tour boots    2/ Hunter short boots.  3/ Target knee high boots 4/ Target print boots. 

Utility Jacket:

In Florida it randomly gets cold (by that I mean 50-60f) especial through Nov-Feb that's why having a utility jacket is so important.  A utility jacket that also doubles as a rain jacket is also a plus.
1/ Hooded Jacket  2/ Utility jacket 3/ North face jacket (30% off)

I thought I never would wear jeans in florida until December. But most buildings in Florida blast out their AC so you can be sweating bullets one minute then become freezing cold the next. Jeans are my favorite go-to look for my classes.

1/ Ripped high jeans  2/ White high rise 3/ skinny jeans


I pretty much wear shorts (90%) of the time. Here are three different shorts you will find me always wearing whether its to class, working out, or for a fun night out.

Random essentials:
These might seem a little weird but they are super essential for school in florida. I find that I wear baseball caps so much more than I have ever worn them before. I use them for the beach, running, bad hair day, etc... The next item is "life saver" it's like bicycle shorts kinda? Anyways I wear them when I workout and wear skirts and dresses. It gets so humid in Florida it gets uncomfortable when you thighs rub together this saves you from being uncomfortable in the humidity. Next is running shoes I wear them all the time. Some times my feet get so tired from walking everywhere it's just nice to wear something that supports my feet.

 1/ baseball hat 2 / Jockey  3/ Nike running shoes

Well I hope this was helpful? Let me know if you guys want to see more post like this. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Thoughts //

Sometimes I forget that my blog is also a lifestyle blog. And I get sad thinking of the times where I could have engaged my readers more into whats going on inside my head. Or just whats happening in my life. I think I don't like to share much because for the *most* part I like to keep things private. At least not share everything on the internet...because I have internet trust issues.

This summer has gone by so fast. I have only four more weeks in AZ and then it's back off to Florida for school. Just yesterday I was looking at my school books for next year and a wave of anxiety hit me for a brief five minutes.  I panicked over the fact that i'll be gone from my family again for another four months... that set me off. Why all of a sudden am I getting scared? I'm mad at myself for thinking that way because I'm an adult (not that it helps). Last semester in the spring. I never really got homesick.  So why now?
Then all my fears for my future papers, exams, and finals got me thinking of how this academic year will be so different. Then I got thinking what if it isn't different?
But this anxiety was really brief because right at that moment my friends texted me and I got so excited to see them again. I can't wait for beach trips, studying in library together, and light night runs to Mcdonalds.

But guys i'm good. For all my close family and friends reading this. DON'T FREAK OUT. Okay??? Your, homegirl Misa is happy and alive. And as long as the Lord has me breathing I'm going to glorify Him with my everything. I won't stop glorifying and doing work for Him until the sweet Lord calls me home. Going to leave some photos from the past two weeks down below.
Until next time blogosphere, keep it real, keep it authentic.

 Backyard shenanigans with the niece.  
 Never leaving the house without my Jesus sandals. 
 My fellow Life Teen apprentices at Steubenville west. Love these girls. 
Lover of the light. And U of A campus. 

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Skin care routine //


Lately I've been getting tons of request for my skin care routine. Im honestly not going to ask why, because that's beyond me.
I've always struggled with acne from middle school all the way up to high school even now in college. 
I didn't have it easy. I was for a while on a acne medication that worked marvelously. But one morning after a couple months on medication I woke up with two swollen eyelids. Turns out I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide. Being allergic to that really made it hard to find  a really good acne treatment with out benzoyl peroxide. Fortunately after much pain, redness, and scars my acne is disappearing and my skin is glowing. Because of this I have "the acne cure"to thank.  I do everything in that book besides benzoyl peroxide. My favorite thing that's also really helps and makes a difference has to be essential oils. Ever since I started using them I've seen such improvement. Alright  enough talk lets get into my skin care routine:

I use this to wash my face morning and night. It's super gentle on my skin yet leaves it feeling clean and tight. 

Im not sure what this stuff is, to be honest. My Mom gave it to me after she read the acne cure book. And wow this stuff leaves my skin soooft. Like silky smooth. Apparently it hydrates the skin? Im not going to question it because it leaves my skin soft and gets rid of my acne. I can so tell a difference in my skin when I don't use it. I apply this on in the morning before moisturizer. 
This is my morning moisturizer. Moisturizer is a girl's best friend. My skin is a medium between dry and oily. This moisturizer helps combat both. The reason I only use it in the morning is because I added grapefruit oil in the bottle. Citrus oil can make you very wide awake. So I don't recommend adding grapefruit oil to your night moisturizer. 

This is my night time moisturizer. I must add before I apply this to my face I do use this toner (not pictured because I ran out) anyways that toner is amazing I only apply it once a day. So after I toned my face I apply this moisturizer. Yes, it expensive but it leaves my skin super smooth it's so incredibly important to leave skin healthy. If this is too $$ this is my 2nd favorite moisturizer for the night time. 

After my night moisturizer I apply two drops of frankincense. DISCLAIMER I have no clue why I put this on my face my Mom and Sister told me too and YOU GUYS IT'S MAGIC. It get's rid of my acne and reduces redness. It's weird but I'm not complaining. 

This is what I put on my skin in the morning after my moisturizer. It makes my skin feel alive. And I do believe it's helping to reduce my scars.

So there you have it, that's my skin care routine. Nothing terribly exciting I'm afraid. Let me know if you have any questions. Also tell me some of you favorite skin care products.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

World's most comfortable dress //

Dress ( Hazel and Olive) // shoes (Birkenstocks) 

Do you ever have your favorite pair of pajamas? Well this dress felt like I was wearing pajamas. IT'S SO SOFT AND COMFORTABLE. I could't believe I was wearing a dress. I wore it the whole day and couldn't bring myself to take it off. 
Needless to say if a dress is comfortable to take a nap it.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Plain white tee //

Shorts (old Navy) // V neck (target) // Baseball hat ( bookstore) // Birkenstocks //
watch ( Forever 21) // rosary bracelet ( TTF
Hey lovelies,
So like its summer?! Wow, not quite sure how that snuck up so fast? Anyways....since honesty is the best policy just going to throw some stuff out there.
1. I totally used a flat iron to un wrinkle my shirt before taking pics.
2. I almost didn't want to take pics because that would require me to look decent and put on makeup.
3. I only really took pics to show of my new shoes. Im in love. Now I just need to explore the world in them!
4. I miss blogging (honestly I always say that).
5. Sophomore year starts next month.

okay bye.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

shift dress //

i-phone pics
*I swear I've gotten a lot tanner since this post*

Dress: Nordstrom rack
Boots: Top Shop
Purse: Kate spade

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

denim on denim //

American Eagle (Jeans): v-neck (target): Chambray blouse (Old navy): Converse shoes