Thursday, July 17, 2014

What's in my purse //

Today, I'm doing something new on the blog! I thought it would be fun to show you guys what's in my purse. Not, that it's anything terribly exciting, but everybody get curious what's inside other people's purses. (What no? You don't?  That's just me I guess!) Let me know what other type of blog post y'all interested in reading! 

Thanks lovelies, have a great rest of your week! 

^^ this purse Forever 21

1. Roman Catholic Missal 1962  - I go to TLM so I carry this around with me for Daily Mass and Sunday Mass.

2. Pure Faith ( A prayer book for Teens) - This prayer book is a must! My mother gave me this book in middle school and has been a life saver (quite literally) haha. 

3. Hair ties - For my lions mane of hair. 

4. Michael Kors Wallet - I got this for college in the fall and I love it. It's perfect I can fit all my cards and iPhone in there.

5. Sunglasses (similar - I got this pair last summer, they're my go-to Princess Grace sunglasses.

6. Kate Sade iPhone case - This was my first iPhone case and i've been meaning to buy a new one. But I can't seem to part from this case, we've been through so much together.

7. French Floral Mantilla -  If I don't keep my Mantilla in my purse with me all the time...I will lose it or forget about it. True story.

8. Rosary - If you're Catholic, rule of thumb always carry a rosary with you. Period.

9. Bunch of random items - 
(Gum not pictured) I always need gum. It's a bad habit. 
(Lotion) I never use it. I just carry it around with me so I can feel like a lady. 
(Lipgloss and Lipstick) Again I only use these like once a week. Mostly because I'm too lazy to put any on. 
(Pen) Because you always need one or at least someone else always needs it. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Overcast Sunday //

Crop top // asos Skirt // similar  Heels // Payless 
Purse // Forever 21 

You guys are probably really tired of seeing this crop top. It's just that it goes with so many of my high wasted skirts. This gem of skirt has been hiding in my closet, and I couldn't find anything cute to wear it with. Then it hit me, pair it with my crop top. It was a magically moment really.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer glow //

 How amazing is summer? 
Yes, it's crazy hot outside...
But so far this summer has meant so much to me.
All the quality family time. 
Monsoon storms,
Cook outs.
It's also going by so fast! How is it already July 10th? 
I hope y'all are enjoying your summer time. 
I know I sure am. 

Blouse // Tillys 
Denim Shorts // similar 
Flip flops // Rainbows 
Shades // Forever 21 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Jean Skirt //

Hey guys, sorry it took me a really long time to post a new outfit post. My family went out of town this weekend for a wedding and it turned about to be a mini vacation. Which was much needed and great time with my family. (P.S sorry my skirt went up pretty high on my waist. Didn't realize until uploading. I apologize for that.)

Blouse // Forever 21 (old)
Jean skirt // Old Navy
Wedges // Forever 21
Earrings // Old Navy

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mar Baby Musings // Pasco Kitchen

  Hello!  For the next edition for Mar baby musings my sister and I went to a charming restaurant for brunch at the University called Pasco Kitchen!  I ordered an amazing breakfast burrito it was so delicious. So of course I'm featuring our outfits and on her blog she has some great pics of the restaurant.

My outfit:
t shirt: Target
Shorts: Anthropologie
Sandels: b.o.c Lucha wedge Sandel
Purse: DSW

Peter wanted his picture taken. 
Susana's Outfit:
Kimono: H&M
Top: Old Navy
Shorts: Old Navy
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Charming Charlie

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer wedges //

C/O Shoes: Patricia Pratt  Top: Conversation pieces Cardigan: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21 Hat: H&M 

Hey Everyone,
When I think of summer I think of bright colors that really stand out.
That's why I love my red wedges.
 Just the perfect pop of color for your subtle neutral outfits. 
This wedges are a must for your summer wardrobe. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer 2k14 // Swimsuit edition

Summer is upon us, ladies!
That means our wardrobe goes from dark colors, to bright and colorful clothing.
Summer also means pool parties, trips to our lakes, and beaches. 
Finding the perfect swimsuit can be a pain. 
That's why I made a post dedicated to swimsuits. 
Normally I would write a whole post on why I don wear a bikini. But I found this video to be very helpful and explains it much better then I ever could. 

Here are my favorite swimsuits under $50: 

1. Colored Sand Maillot-- Peppermint // 

2. Waves Maillot //

Now here are some of my favorite swimsuits that are in more the higher price range. 
But completely worth it.