About Me //

So a little about me my name is Bob....Just kidding...Or I'm I?? Or you can just call me Marisa!
I'm a nerd at heart, Food is my love language, and I can be completely random at weird times. I hope to inspire girls to dress in a way that radiates their God given femininity, and to show them that they’re enough, and that they’re loved.
Random facts about little ole' me.
1. Roman Catholic.
2. Student at Ave Maria University. 
3. I like to do photographer as a hobby.
4.Third oldest of seven siblings.
6. I seem to always find myself in awkward situations (surprise surprise).
7. I really really like food (nuff said)!
8. Im a book worm. 
9. Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, firefly etc. 


  1. Whoa, awesome! Really really really enjoying your blog. :)

    In Christ, Grace


    1. So glad to hear that Grace, thank you!
      I enjoy your blog by the way very good.

      In Christ,

  2. I love your blog! Your outfits are so cute.

  3. Hi! I'm Gabby. I really loved your blog on LifeTeen.com about St. Valentines day! I really related to it..... a lot. So then I scrolled down and read about you and was surprised that you're a senior in High school. It made me really excited and happy to know that you're around my age!! (I'm a sophomore.... yay....) So then I come to this page and got me excited to see that you have seven siblings ( I have eight! ) and you're homeschooled( I used to be, I miss it ever so much), and you have the same desire to want a Mr. Darcy <3. Anyways, That's for the post, a lot of people need that kind of hope and strength form someone like themselves around this crazy time (thank you society). Keep up the work! You've just got yourself another fan! :D

    1. Gabrielle you're too sweet. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. So nice, and refreshing, knowing girls just like you and me, are out there striving for holiness. Keep building up His Kingdom.
      Deo Gratias

  4. The post on LifeTeen.com about St. Valentine's Day was awesome! Great job! I have never read a post like that coming from a high school senior.. Your post hit home on the true meaning of Valentine's Day. Ha-ha, "nerdy homeschooler"... It's a gift! Thanks for your LifeTeen post!

  5. I love love love your blog. New follower! :)
    -Ashley xx

  6. Great blog! Keep it up :) Also, fun fact: "Misa" is the Croatian word for mass!