Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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Sometimes I forget that my blog is also a lifestyle blog. And I get sad thinking of the times where I could have engaged my readers more into whats going on inside my head. Or just whats happening in my life. I think I don't like to share much because for the *most* part I like to keep things private. At least not share everything on the internet...because I have internet trust issues.

This summer has gone by so fast. I have only four more weeks in AZ and then it's back off to Florida for school. Just yesterday I was looking at my school books for next year and a wave of anxiety hit me for a brief five minutes.  I panicked over the fact that i'll be gone from my family again for another four months... that set me off. Why all of a sudden am I getting scared? I'm mad at myself for thinking that way because I'm an adult (not that it helps). Last semester in the spring. I never really got homesick.  So why now?
Then all my fears for my future papers, exams, and finals got me thinking of how this academic year will be so different. Then I got thinking what if it isn't different?
But this anxiety was really brief because right at that moment my friends texted me and I got so excited to see them again. I can't wait for beach trips, studying in library together, and light night runs to Mcdonalds.

But guys i'm good. For all my close family and friends reading this. DON'T FREAK OUT. Okay??? Your, homegirl Misa is happy and alive. And as long as the Lord has me breathing I'm going to glorify Him with my everything. I won't stop glorifying and doing work for Him until the sweet Lord calls me home. Going to leave some photos from the past two weeks down below.
Until next time blogosphere, keep it real, keep it authentic.

 Backyard shenanigans with the niece.  
 Never leaving the house without my Jesus sandals. 
 My fellow Life Teen apprentices at Steubenville west. Love these girls. 
Lover of the light. And U of A campus. 

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  1. I'm getting all stressed + freaking out and I haven't even started freshman year yet!!! Oh and I kinda love the whole Jesus sandal thing. ;)

    1. Grace, I know you will do so great at BC! It will be the best four years yet. I hope to do some of my essential college post soon so I hope that helps.

  2. Getting worried before the start of a new year is completely normal - I felt the same way before my junior year! There's just something about starting a new, unfamiliar level that makes our stomach squirm...but I promise, it will be so good to be back. And you'll love not being a freshman because now you have a year of experience under your belt! Sophomore year is wonderful...there's not the pressure of junior year that involves having to think about post grad plans and making sure you'll graduate on time, and it's not senior year with the "AAH I'M ABOUT TO GRADUATE".

    Have a gorgeous rest of your summer, Misa girl! <3

    P.S. Love the Birks. ;)

    1. Grace this comment felt like I was getting a giant warm hug from you!