Thursday, July 2, 2015

Plain white tee //

Shorts (old Navy) // V neck (target) // Baseball hat ( bookstore) // Birkenstocks //
watch ( Forever 21) // rosary bracelet ( TTF
Hey lovelies,
So like its summer?! Wow, not quite sure how that snuck up so fast? Anyways....since honesty is the best policy just going to throw some stuff out there.
1. I totally used a flat iron to un wrinkle my shirt before taking pics.
2. I almost didn't want to take pics because that would require me to look decent and put on makeup.
3. I only really took pics to show of my new shoes. Im in love. Now I just need to explore the world in them!
4. I miss blogging (honestly I always say that).
5. Sophomore year starts next month.

okay bye.

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  1. Love how simple and chic this outfit is! Your hair is gorgeous.

  2. Birkenstocks have become this college girl's best friend. You totally rock them. :)