Thursday, October 16, 2014

Life Update //

  Hey Everyone,  I'm sorry it's taken me so long to update my blog. I've been meaning to upload a blog post for the past 3 weeks but every time I go down to write I get swept up with emotion.
 Three weeks ago 30 mins before my Latin class, my mother called me. I knew it was something serious because my Mom wouldn't call me during the school day. She called to inform me that my Grandmother had just tragically passed away. Never in my life have I experienced a death so close to my heart. It quite literally was the worst feeling I've ever experienced. Right after the phone call I ran to the 24 hr adoration chapel and cried and was completely stunned as thoughts swarmed my mind.  "Why did she leave us so early? I never got to say goodbye."
 I collected myself and went to class. I needed to be distracted. I went into class with my eyes bloodshot and swollen. The crazy part was while in class we had the most intense rain storm. No, it's not unusually for Florida to rain everyday. But, this rainstorm was like no other. It was as if the world was mourning with me.
 I felt a huge lump in my throat and held back tears during the entire class. Right after class, my brother and I went to Mass which probably was the most healing experience. So thankful to have him with me this year for all the love and support. 
The rest is kinda a blur honestly. My brother and I flew to Michigan for her funeral. Being able to see my family was the best thing in the entire world. Yes, it was under terrible circumstances but family was exactly what I needed. 
The whole weekend in Michigan was beautiful. It was exactly what Grandma would've wanted.  Anyways going to her funeral put me behind in schoolwork which I feel I've finally just caught up on. It's been hard getting back in the swing of things. But I miss blogging and I miss you guys. You guys are so important to me and I feel I offer it to you guys to keep you connected with my life. There will be more blog post coming. I promise I haven't left you guys. 
The past three weeks have made me appreciate my time in college and just how beautiful life is. And the importance of family.  I love you all. 

 If you want to read more up on my Grandma you can read the beautiful blog post my sister wrote right here.

                                                    My beautiful, Grandma.

                                      Thanks for reading! Now, back to studying for midterms...uck.


  1. I was praying for you the whole weekend of your Grandma's funeral.

    Have fun studying!

  2. You're adorable. And I'm so sorry for your loss...girly. I'm praying for you and your family. But especially for your grandma.