Thursday, July 31, 2014

College + Life //

Long time no post everybody! Sorry, it has been a week and half since my last blog post. Life has been super hectic, but in a good way. Since, I have the greatest following for this blog and all my followers and viewers are the best, I wanted to give you guys a little update on what's been going on in my life lately. In less then 26 days I'll be moving to Florida, where I will be attending Ave Maria University this fall as a freshman. I can't wait to experience this new chapter of my life. I will continue to keep on blogging while I'm there. Right now, I want to share with you guys some photos from when I went to visit the campus in February.  If y'all would like to keep in touch with my move to Florida and my adventures at school go ahead and follow me on Instagram and Twitter. I use social media as a really good outlet to keep in touch with my family and friends, so if you would like to see what's going on with my life go ahead and click the "follow" button.

 The Oratory at Ave Maria
 The view walking out of the Oratory in the evening. 

 My older brother, Thomas, will be a senior at Ave this year. I can't wait to share this new experience with him.

I can't wait to get some vitamin "sea" when I'm out there. 


  1. Congratulations! Good luck with your adventures to come:)

  2. So happy for you, Marisa! Congratulations - I've heard great things about Ave Maria...and also, welcome to the South! Get ready for the humidity, though. Aaaaand, if you ever find yourself in Louisiana, let me know. You'll always have a place to stay with me. ;)

    1. Thank you so much, Grace!
      I will most certainly take you up on that offer. And if you find yourself in florida as well you know where to contact me!

  3. The last photo. ♥♥ SO GORGEOUS. Man.

  4. Oh my! Your post has made me reminiscent of my own college days. They were fun filled and uber hectic at the same time, that's why I'll always treasure them. The friendships and bridges I've built during that time were one of my life's most rewarding. I hope your college life will be amazing! Kudos to you, and thanks for sharing!

    Deborah Williams @ Choice Career College

  5. Going through college can be both fun and stressful at the same time. I believe you just have to focus on your priorities, and everything will fall in place. Anyway, from the looks on those pictures, I believe you’ll have a great time in college. Besides learning new things and expanding on previous skills and talents, I’m sure you’ll have tons of fun. Thanks for sharing this with us, Marisa. All the best!

    Valerie Casey @ College Funding Freedom