Friday, April 4, 2014

Mar Baby Musings //

When I was little I always looked up to my older sister Susana. She may have been only seven years older then me, but man she was such a grown up to me. I wanted to do everything she did. And be just like her. Unfortunately since we were so much a like we got under each other skins a lot. And it made for getting a long very hard. I took really hard when she went a way to college and started dating. I thought she was leaving me forever. Fortunately for us over the past couple years our friendship as grown beautifully. Susana is now one of my best friends. And I'm going to miss her terribly when I leave for college next year. That's why I'm so happy to announce our two collaborations between out two blogs. 

We will be doing a series of posts called "Mar Baby Musings". What is a Mar Baby? Well... in our family we are basically divided into two categories. Some of the siblings take more after our mom and some of us take more after our dad. The Mar Babies take after our dad. A Mar Baby loves food and...that's pretty much our biggest trait haha. No but seriously Mar Babies all have pretty similar personality. Plus, we all have "Mar" somewhere. Susana middle name is Marie, I was born  was born in March and my name obviously my name being Marisa, Liliana (one of younger sisters) was born in March, and well, you get the idea. If you're totally lost it's fine. Just nod your head and smile.

So what will be in these posts? Susana and I will be exploring fun local finds. Susana will cover the places we find and I'll have the outfit details on my blog! Our first little find was Savaya coffee. They have a few locations here in Tucson but we stopped at the one at La Encantada. The service was friendly and the atmosphere was calming. There isn't a ton of space to sit inside but Susana and I enjoyed sitting on the patio. The coffee was rich and strong. I ordered an iced Moroccan Mint green tea that smelled amazing and tasted cool and refreshing. Susana ordered a refreshing iced coffee. What I really liked was that you can see them prepare your drink. The counter is low and the space is open so you get to see them craft your coffee or tea with great care. 

You should certainly add Savaya to your list of places to try here in Tucson.To see more of Savaya Coffee check out Susana's blog post on it.  Now on to our outfits: 

Susana's Outfit:
Top // Target
Skirt // Forever 21
Shoes // Target

My Outfit:
Top // Conversation pieces
Pants // H&M
Shoes // Franco Sarto 

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