Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Currently loving March edition //

^^ Senior Pictures yayyyyy! *photo credit Stephanie Newbold Photography

Here are my March favorites. March was a great month I turned 18, my brother came home for spring break. It was just fabulous. 
Current favorites for the month of March:
// Reading: Father Elijah (for the 2nd time) My favorite book of all time. 
// Watching: 30 Rock and Psych (my love for Shawn and Gus knows no boundaries). 
 // Listening: Us, Foster the people, MKTO 
// Eating: nothing exciting
// Wanting: Kindle fire
// Looking: Forward to the summer.
// Wishing: it's more like praying that everything works out.
// Enjoying: Time with family: Parents, siblings, and nephews. 
// Hoping: to do well on the last couple months of school
// Smelling: orange blossoms.
// Thinking: That being adult sucks.
// Wearing: shorts & t-shirt.
// Noticing: that my room is a mess.
// Knowing: That everything is going to be okay. 
// Felling: 50% producative 50% kinda lazy
// Giggling: over these videos. 
// Favorite Gif: Classic Liz Lemon
// Youtube: OhMissTina
// Favorite blog: feel + flourish
// Loving: That Easter is in 20 days!!!!!!

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  1. Hey! Happy late birthday! And your senior pics look gorgeous! Yay for Easter being only 20 days away!

  2. DUDE YOU CAN'T COMPLAIN ABOUT BEING AN ADULT!! It's great---I'd know because I have a whole year and a half of experience... haha. :P