Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer 2k14 // Swimsuit edition

Summer is upon us, ladies!
That means our wardrobe goes from dark colors, to bright and colorful clothing.
Summer also means pool parties, trips to our lakes, and beaches. 
Finding the perfect swimsuit can be a pain. 
That's why I made a post dedicated to swimsuits. 
Normally I would write a whole post on why I don wear a bikini. But I found this video to be very helpful and explains it much better then I ever could. 

Here are my favorite swimsuits under $50: 

1. Colored Sand Maillot-- Peppermint // 

2. Waves Maillot //

Now here are some of my favorite swimsuits that are in more the higher price range. 
But completely worth it. 


  1. "Marie in Tropical Punch" is the classiest thing EVER. Oh my gosh. ♥♥

  2. I am loving the Antigua Floral Rashguard!