Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Currently loving //

*Photo taken at LTLC in Atchison, Kansas at Benedictine college last summer*

So today as I was going to upload pictures from this weekend. But I couldn't find the cord that connects to my camera and then to the computer..forgot the name of it. So I thought I would give you guys a little glimpse into my life. If you guys follow me on twitter you have a pretty accurate idea what thats like. So here you go:
Current favorites for the month of January:
// Reading: Men, Women and the Mystery of love - Dr. Edward Sri.
// Watching: Sherlock, Bones, Enlisted, and Hollywood game night.
 // Listening: Fading west (Switchfoot) so good. 
// Eating: Chicken salad..nom..nom
// Shoes: Franco Sarto
// Wanting: i-phone.
// Looking: Forward to next month, and visiting Ave Marie University.
// Wishing: shh thats a secret.
// Enjoying: making new friendships with my fellow Catholic bloggers.
// Hoping: That the March for Life gets media coverage.
// Smelling: I have no idea.
// Thinking: About life and college.
// Wearing: sweatpants and a t-shirt
// Noticing: how nobody seems to understand my sarcasm or humor...
// Knowing: just soaking in everything i learn on a day to day bases with school.
// Felling: 50% producative 50% kinda lazy
// Giggling: over how i over think things to a point where its just not healthy. 
// Favorite Gif: Wink
// Youtube: Claudia Sulewski
// Favorite blog: THERE IS
// Loving: My new blog logo made by my talented brother-in-law Andrew Starbuck. 


  1. LITERALLY JUST RAN AROUND THE HOUSE WITH HAPPINESS (despite being sick). I feel fammmoussss.... ;) Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. Oh stop it. shucks girly.

    1. so I posted a tangled gif. buts its not popping up :(

  3. Ah! Benedictine! I live close by there! And Sherlock? Don't get me started on that topic:)