Monday, October 7, 2013

Sunday's Outfit Post

So embarrassing story about this featured outfit......
So for Church that morning, I was wearing this outfit and as you can see the skirt goes above the knee so I wore black tights and cute black heels (so cute right?) Well...when I got home I took off my tights ok and I put on my slippers( not shown). Anyways much later that evening I forgot to put on my black heels and I put on my FLIP FLOPS???? Like what the heck?? Classic Marisa move for me to forget what I was wearing!! I was to busy thinking about the chicken my dad was grilling.

*Yes, I know my skirt looks really short in this outfit post. I did wear tights with this outfit when I went to Church. I am a firm believer that above the knee skirts are not appropriate or modest to wear at Church without tights or leggings.*

Blazer: F21// similar
Skirt: f21 old //
Shirt // Old navy
Shoes // Rainbow

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  1. Love the skirt! It's gorgeous, great job Marisa!! :) xx